Kids' Kitchen Takeover Media Launch


The ‘Kids’ Kitchen Takeover Cookbook’ is packed with 35+ delicious and simple, budget friendly menu ideas for the whole family. This fun cookbook encourages kids from 5 to 15 to embrace wholesome and nourishing food and to share them with their families. At the same time, this recipe collection equips the younger generation with essential life skills.

With easy to follow, step-by-step picture guides and child-friendly nutritional information, children can have a go at making Easy-Breezy Pancakes, Oatylicious Bread, Sundried Tomato Falafel, Vegtastic Pizza and more!
Kids’ nourishment and wellbeing, along with ensuring easy access to wholesome quality ingredients for all, is one of Oliver’s passions. Oliver says:, “Food and lifestyle habits have a big part to play in our immediate and distant future. Making bad choices repeatedly over time often leads to illness, low energy, and low mood. We know that even a few days of eating junk food makes us feel sluggish, but also that the reverse is true – eat well for a week, and you start to feel fabulous! Making good food and lifestyle decisions can make the world of difference.
“It’s all about having fun in the kitchen, eating well, and sharing food with your friends and family. Let your kids takeover the kitchen for a day or two each week, have some fun, enjoy putting your own twist on the recipes and gift them a lifetime of good health.” says Oliver.
Kids’ Kitchen Takeover, is a must for all families who want their kids to grow into super-healthy adults. Simply put, the foundations of good long-term health can be found in the kitchen!